Monday, February 16, 2009

The Saga Continues...

We went to the unemployment office this morning and they demanded that Ronny submit an 'escritura de constitucion'. I clearly told them he was just an employee and not the owner of the company, and that no other employees have turned this document in, but they insisted he needed to do this - so we came back here and Ronny called his boss in Sweden who told him he didn't understand why he needed to do this and why doesn't he call the accountant?

Well, we have been trying to call this accountant 4-5 times this morning and he hasn't answered any of our calls yet. There isn't even an answering service. His phone just rings and then disconnects.
I'm not surprised because the last time his boss told Ronny to call this guy this is what happened too pretty much. So why be surprised? The guy isn't going to change his ways.

Ronny's boss suggested Ronny just go the accountant's office, but hey it's in Malaga. He's probably not going to be there.

Ronny's boss doesn't even know how to get this document himself so how's Ronny going to ever get his hands on it?

In the mean time the clock keeps ticking. We have less than 11 days now to get our act together and reapply for his unemployment benefits or he isn't going to get anything.

Ronny is down there as we speak and he's going to try and call his boss on my mobile so he can talk to the Torremolinos people about why Ronny doesn't need this document but I fear we are just going to get a huge phone bill and will be back to square one.

Anyway this is nothing to be surprised about or shocked really - but typical of Torremolinos and this whole area. If you ever need to do anything with any government offices or even some local businesses, you are going to be involved in the most excruciatingly frustrating saga of all times....because this is the way things are in Andalucia. Vale?


Ilva said...

I think you need to get angry and start threatening that you're going to a lawyer and just being difficult in general, it is what you have to do here when it starts getting too difficult. No use to be polite and do it in Swedish or Japanese style-do it the Marco way-get angry and never let go of the grip, phone the unemployment office a couple of times a day so they get fed up with you and try to get rid of you instead! Throw threats around! they usually are cowards....

Murasaki Shikibu said...

'The Marco Way'...LOL

Good idea.

When in Rome do as.....