Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cornmeal Blini with Kalles and Yogurt

I've been wanting to try making Blinis - especially these Cornmeal Blinis I saw on Chow for some time and this morning, I finally made them.

Although we went to the market yesterday and bought some lovely fresh vegetables, we never made it to Carrefour to buy other food supplies and we are running low on everything. We don't even have butter anymore because we used it all up eating 1 kg of artichokes last night.

I saw a half empty tube of Kalles in the refrigerator and some plain yogurt and the pretty little dill plant on my balcony and thought: hmm...

And this is what I made: Cormeal Blini with Kalles and Yogurt.

Halfway through our blinis, we ran out of Kalles and topped the rest of them with some Cannellini Bean Spread from Steamy Kitchen, which I had conveniently tucked away in my refrigerator.

Note 1: I had to add more milk to thin out the batter because it was too thick when made according to the specifications of the original recipe. When the batter is thinner it's easier to make smaller, daintier blinis.

Note 2: " When bubbles form evenly on the top of the blini, turn (just once) and cook until golden." This never happened, so I turned them over when I saw some bubbles or the edges looked a bit brown or cooked. Don't wait for bubbles to form as they don't always materialize. Basically they should be easy to turn over. If they're not and create a mess it means they weren't ready to turn over. When they're ready they will feel resilient and spongy when pressed lightly.

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Elra said...

I made the regular one, so cornmeal blini is new to me, sounds delicious.