Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fried Green Tomatoes

Ever since I saw the movie 'Fried Green Tomatoes' I've wanted to eat some fried green tomatoes. In fact there's little else I remember about the film except the scenes of the protagonist frying some green tomatoes inside a frying pan.

Anyway after a grueling morning visiting some Spanish utility offices where you were kept waiting whether there was anyone else waiting or not - and of course the waiting time was even longer when there actually were other people waiting - I saw a grocer selling the most glorious looking green tomatoes I'd ever seen in my life.

So after purchasing 2 of these beauties, I made some lovely fried green tomatoes using this very simple recipe. They were succulent, juicy and crunchy and had this aroma that made me think of spring.

Isn't Spain wonderful?


Elra said...

Yes, I remember that movie made me drool through out the end. Such a great movie. Like you, I was curious about this fried green tomato, and try to make it myself. It become my family favorite snack...

Murasaki Shikibu said...

haha yes ;)

It really makes a great snack :)

Anonymous said...

I am jealous of your tomato! I long for full ripe tomatoes... and you are so making me want to make fried green tomatoes! Loved the movie!