Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Easy Ribs

I love ribs. My mom used to make them when I was a kid. When I was a university student I went to Tony Roma's every chance I got. I couldn't make them in my apartment because I didn't have an oven.

I didn't really make ribs in Spain because it's not something you'd cook for one person, but now that I have a strapping young viking living with me - there is no such thing as cooking 'too much meat' - so you see, I can cook ribs again.

How nice is that?

Anyhow one of the high points of living in Spain is that they have excellent pork and lots of it. So every once in awhile when I see lots of ribs being sold - I buy some and cook them like this. It's all very simple without any complicated steps:

Ingredients for Marinade

1 dl Soy Sauce

1 Cup Sugar (brown sugar if you have some but white will do)

A Handful of Salt (not table salt obviously)

Chili (as much as you dare)

2 Star Anise (pour some boiling water over them in a bowl and let them steep)

5 Cloves of Garlic (Crushed)

1 Knob of Ginger (Grated)

Step 1 : Steep 3 racks of rib in this marinade overnight in the refrigerator.

Step 2: The next day, preheat the oven to 140C and lay the ribs inside 2 casserole dishes or 1 if you have a gigantic one.

Step 3: After 1 hour, turn them over and cook for another hour.

Step 4: Turn the heat-up to 200C and cook for an additional 20 minutes and they're ready!

Serves: 1-3 people depending on the people.

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Elra said...

Oh..ho...it's my family favorite. Thanks for sharing the easy recipe.