Friday, September 28, 2007

Klara and Edda Belly-Dancing Controversy

When I first read this I thought they might be over reacting but now that I've seen a copy of the photograph I have to say that I do think it's 'child porn'.

Now let me say that I am not a militant campaigner against pornography in general, nor do I feel that all child nudity is porn. I also am a supporter of gay rights - so I would be one of the last to want to nail Elton John. Besides if Elton is gay why would he be excited by photographs of nude...uh, girls?

I won't post any links to images of this photograph here because I do believe it's something that will excite paedophiles very much.

Basically what this reminds me of is something a Playboy magazine editor once said to me about female nudity in general. Yes, I used to do translation work for them and I didn't have any qualms about this. Well, anyway he said that males tend to react quite straight forward to photographs of a vagina or the part of the body where that is. So, if a woman was sitting on a chair with her knees up against her and the photograph was taken so that the part of her body where the vagina is was in view (and she was fully clothed) - this would provide many a male with the sexual stimulus they needed to 'jack off'.

The little girl in the controversial photograph is totally naked and in a position so that her vagina is right in your face. Though this may not make most people react (because we are not all excited by nude children), paedophiles who are excited by nudity of very young females would surely find it very stimulating.

I personally feel that this particular photograph is 'child porn' in this sense. What we have to be careful about is getting so zealous about things that taking photographs of naked little children doing anything becomes a crime.

In some cultures there's nothing wrong with little children running around naked and you'll see these photographs in family albums. God forbid that a day should come when parents are arrested for owning such photographs.

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