Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Sometimes I wonder why anything works in this world at all in view of the glaring incompetencies that make life so annoying.

I have been trying to get my health insurance company to send me a certificate that I need to present when I renew my residency permit for the past few weeks and it has not arrived yet. After the first one failed to arrive I asked them to send another one and they started misspelling my name.

Ayako <----correct
Ayazo<----this is how they insist on spelling it

Anyhow, after I asked them to correct the spelling they sent me an email saying they'd already corrected it and when I opened the attachment it said: Ayazo.

The other issue is the appointment we have to make to submit our residency application renewal. They never replied to my fax request that I sent in July. Yesterday was supposed to be the appointment and nothing. I sent another one today for an appointment approximately 10 days from now. My friend's accountant suggests I just go there whether they reply or not and tell them I've asked for an appointment twice already with no reply so let me submit my application!

I can see how this can end up being a total waste of time since my Spanish isn't good enough for arguing loudly, but I'm going to try doing that anyway since there isn't much else I can do!

I guess I'll just plan on doing something else in Malaga that day.

Anyhow, I find all this enervating.

My head is spinning because my friend's accountant now also tells me there is no such thing as a permanent residency in Spain - that it was all a myth...

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