Monday, September 3, 2007

The Wonderful Food Blogs on the Internet

Since I'm usually ranting about some issue in the world, today I've also decided to talk about something I do like.

The internet is full of wonderful food blogs and a lot of them have really lovely photographs.

Why haven't I made a food blog myself even though cooking is really one of my great lifetime hobbies?

It all comes down to laziness...

I can see that people have put a lot of time into their food blogs and I guess I'd rather browse them for ideas and cook my lovely dinner and eat it.

This said, I do experiment with recipes and new ingredients when I'm inspired, but I don't do it on a regular basis and I'm way too lazy to take photographs and write down the details of a recipe.

Let me post the links of two food blogs with really gorgeous photographs of food in case you're interested:

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