Thursday, September 13, 2007

Is it the End of the Drought?

The sky is rumbling and I see flashes of lightning streak across the sky. There have been drops of rain but it hasn't really started raining yet. When it does however I think we can expect it to be torrential.

The last thing Ronny needs is to get wet commuting to his office and back with his sore throat, but we've had a prolonged drought here so we really need it to rain hard...over our reservoir.

I've heard some truely horrific tales of what happened the last time there was a seroius drought. An old Danish guy told me that they had trucks carrying water rations in the street and people had to go out with buckets to get their supply.

"I could taste salt in the coffee in some restaurants."

They were using salt water from the sea to make coffee.

"They talked about making a desalination plant then but you know it started raining and everyone forgot about it."

As usual.

Planning - just doesn't seem to be of any importance here in Costa del Sol.

So of course they haven't planned for when it rains a lot either so Ronny can expect to wade his way home through knee deep water should it really start raining hard.

He'll just have to soak in a hot tub and get dried quickly if that happens I guess - and we'll have to hope he doesn't get pneumonia!

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