Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tamagoyaki - Well, the little omelette you have on Sushi.

I obviously didn't make this beautiful 'Tamagoyaki' or the little omelette thing you see on top of Sushi sometimes. One of my sister's former students is going to inherit his family's Sushi business one day and on a lucky day in December, he invited us to come taste the fare.

The omelette is made in a Makiyakinabe and cooked at a very low temperature for hours. He told us that the only ingredients in this lovely thing are eggs, sugar and Sake. I can tell you that it didn't need anything else. It was delicious.

Matsunozushi 03-3761-5622


tedders said...

WoW, how could those ingredients make something bad? Sounds wonderful, ... more sake please!! ; )

Murasaki Shikibu said...

Have another one, Tedd! *Pours* ;)

Michelle said...

omg. this is a must when i get sushi! i actually prefer this to raw fish on rice LOL i am dead serious.
wow.. looks yummy