Thursday, January 8, 2009

Paper Chef

I have just realized I missed this month's Paper Chef. This round is being hosted by Spikey Mikeys so you might want to go and check it out.

This month's ingredients were: dried chili, vanilla pod, barley and beef. The first three ingredients are nominated by food bloggers as well as their readers and then 3 ingredients are picked by a random generator. The winner of the last round hosts the next round and gets to choose the 4th ingredient.

The ingredients usually are somewhat strange but the whole idea is to make everyone exercise their imagination and push their culinary prowess to the limit to create something new and wonderful - pleasing to the taste buds and the eye.

I have only participated once and sent in an abysmal looking photo which was hopelessly out of focus as my camera did not have a macro function. At the encouragement of Ilva of Lucullian Delights - who is helpful and encouraging to Food Blog noobs to participate more in this fun and innovative event - I bought a new camera at Yodobashi Camera during my trip to Tokyo so that I might make a better effort at participating in this event...and then of course I had to miss the first event. That sounds like the story of my life!

On another note - Ronny went into to Malaga yesterday to meet someone from his company to pick-up some documents needed for unemployment benefits and the man not only kept him waiting for 2 hours but never showed-up. Not only that - when you tried to call him he refused to answer his phone! Although this may sound like a terrible thing - it's pretty normal behavior in Andalucia. I guess after 5 years of living here, I shouldn't be surprised.


Ilva said...

ha ha I found you! If you are fast you can participate because there are only three entries and one is Mike's... actually, I plead with you-please participate-I can wait with the roundup! pliiiiiiis!

Murasaki Shikibu said...

Hi Ilva,

I wish I could say: You have won a prize as the first person to ever leave a comment at my blog!!! tadaaaa

Some of my friends have been reading my blog for a few years (and boy was I erratic) but they made comments via email instead of leaving comments there. :)

If tomorrow isn't too late I might be able to run and get the ingredients, cook and take photos. :p

Ilva said...

OK I will wait! Thanks!