Sunday, November 1, 2009

Scalloped Lemon Dill Potatoes

Today was an unusually overcast day and the photography session on my kitchen counter did not go well. I guess if the lighting is bad enough, not even Photoshop can salvage it. I was going to show you how lovely this looked before it went into the oven, but I guess we'll just have to be satisfied with the final results.

This is a very simple recipe you can make with an extra boiled potato that you had leftover from yesterday...because you boiled too many of them...or you can boil on afresh if you really want.

Scalloped Lemon Dill Potatoes


1 Big Potato Boiled with its Skin On

Fresh Dill

2 Cloves Garlic

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Lemon Salt (You can make it with fresh lemon rind and salt if you wish)

Black Pepper


Coarse Spanish Paprika

Step 1: Preheat your oven to 250C. Get your biggest casserole dish and line it with oven paper.

Step 2: Slice the potatoes as thinly as you can and then lay them in one layer in the casserole dish.

Step 3: Sprinkle with lemon salt, black pepper, fresh dill, chili and paprika.

Step 4: Make another layer on top and do the same thing.

Step 5: Drizzle extra virgin olive oil and place 2 garlic cloves on top.

Step 6: Roast in oven for 30 minutes or until the top layer has browned a bit and looks crispy.

This would make a nice side dish for a lot of things but I have to be honest. I just had this with eggs & Kalles on the side. This was my Sunday morning brunch!


Anonymous said...

This picture is 'Perfect', which means even an over cast day can't affect the quality of your awesome shots M ! I am a big dill potato salad fan, so the idea of baked version sounds very appealing.

Justin said...

dill and potatoes are a favorite combination of mine. i make a pasta recipe with a potato-dill combination mixed in... omg it's so good.

Anonymous said...

that photo is not bad in the least. and also, we just made tons of extra boiled potatoes to go with a meatball dinner, and these look GOOD.

Trish said...

You have such an artistic presentation here...very beautiful. Not only sonds very very yummy! Scrumptious in fact...and wait...I am interested in your comment that says...'unusually overcast'. Sigh....I would have to say...we have an unusually SUNNY day today....for where we live overcast is usual at this time of the year I am afraid.

Palidor said...

That looks tasty. You're right - perfect for Sunday brunch!

Anncoo said...

Never combine dill with potatoes. Will try some in the future. You know I love potatoes a lot, right?

Murasaki Shikibu said...

Anncoo: I only started doing this recently too. I always used rosemary, thyme or oregano. As you can see it's been a long time favorite for some people, i.e. Justin. I am cooking with dill a lot this week because I found a gigantic bunch of dill on sale in the local grocery which is quite extraordinary. I have cleaned and frozen most of it in a tupperware now. :)

taste traveller said...

I was admiring your photo until you said how the light was bad & your photos didn't turn out. Then I just got jealous ;)

Murasaki Shikibu said...

Taste Traveller: The bad lighting was the photo of the potatoes before they went into to the oven. lol

By the time they came out the sun had come out (?) and it was also taken in a different room!

Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

Mmm, lemony goodness. Sounds great!

Elra said...

Dill is a wonderful addition for the potatoes. It looks really pretty and mouth watering.

Lori said...

This sounds really good. I am a sucker for anything dill.

Jhonny walker said...

I came to your blog to suggest you the aubergine...:) but found myself a little treat here!!! Dill and potatoes. Lovely. I am gonna have these for lunch! Thanks

btw here are a few options

If you want light and flavorful I would suggest this

This...simple and handy stuff

or even simpler--this has nothing but garlic

and finally this one. Italian

good luck and keep posted :)

Shaheen said...

You have so jogged my memory to about 3-4 years ago when I first read Ruth Reich book Garlic and Sapphiers in which she has a recipe for scalloped potatoes - I so wanted to make them when I read the recipe but somehow ocmpletely forgot about it - thanks for reminding!

And thanks for trying the poppy seeds cupcakes and letting me know how they turned out for you. :)

Erica said...

Those potatoes look wonderful!Great flavors!