Thursday, December 27, 2007

Here's another totally inane article about saving energy. Kind of reminds me of Alvin Toffler's 'Learning for Tomorrow' where he talks about how we have the technology to make condoms but can't make people use them, i.e. we can't modify their behaviour. Overall the book is about how the technology to make things rocketed forward while the technology to modify human behaviour languished in the middle ages and that this is at the root of some of the problems of modern times.

Take HIV. People know it exists. We have the communication network that has let most of the world know about HIV and how to reduce risks - and yet people continue to have unprotected sex.

Take oil. People know we are running out of oil and yet people not only want to buy cars but they encourage other people to buy cars. In addition, people not only want to travel a lot but constantly pester other people about 'where they went for holidays' making them feel bad if they didn't go anywhere insisting that 'you need to go somewhere!'.

Take consumerism in general. I've reached this point in life where I'm quite content staying home mostly, taking pleasure in activities like long walks, online games and cooking. I buy fewer things than before, but many people have tried to make me feel bad about this, suggesting that I needed more money so I could buy more clothes I don't need to wear, etc.

I think the problem is inside our heads. Inside the heads of human beings. Until attitudes of people change - like their nature of being competitive with other humans - nothing will change and we'll be speeding down home straight to all the problems that have been predicted by science.

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