Saturday, December 29, 2007


I saw a recipe using bulgar some time ago and had been curious about this ingredient. Then yesterday when I went to the Muslim butcher to buy oil cured Moroccan black olives, I saw packs of bulgar sitting there beckoning to me.

Since I'd never used this ingredient before, I did a little Internet research and basically it seemed there were 2 ways of softening it:

1. Pour boiling water over it and leave it for awhile.
2. Soak it in lemon, sour grape, tomato or onion juices.

I decided to go with #2 and looked for a recipe that softened the bulgar using this method.

I found this:

However I omitted the cinnamon.

I also sauteed some ground beef seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic.

I opted for Iceberg lettuce instead of Romaine and used big pieces of the leaves to wrap a bit of the ground beef and bulgar mixture. It was delicious!


Taste of Beirut said...

You know these days it is not even that crucial to soak bulgur, I merely rinse it under running water and press it hard to extract all the water afterwards.

Murasaki Shikibu said...

Good to know. I really didn't like the idea of pouring boiling water over it because they softened soaked in lemon juice for a few hours anyway. The kind I get mind you does need a few hours before it gets soft enough to eat. I guess soaking time depends on the brand?