Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Contradictions: Egg Freezing

I came across this article today and wondered about how unthinking people can be about the personal situations of other people.

"Critics argue they are delaying motherhood for the wrong motives, such as climbing the career ladder or until they have more money."

This shows really backward thinking by men (and maybe some thoughtless women who are the worst enemies of other women) that women are breeding mares first and don't have the right to pursue a career in the same way that men do. Since when is it wrong to wait until you have more money to raise a child properly? It's a sensible thing to worry about. Do these critics really think it's better for women to go on welfare?

"Many of those women have been with commitment-phobic men or have not found Mr Right, or they are part of a couple that needs two salaries to get a mortgage.

"These are social issues but it is wrong to deprive women of this option, which many of them say is empowering."

This, I think is the reality when I think about all my female friends with careers. And the reality kind of gets me pissed off at men in general.

1. Men don't want to commit to a relationship

2. They don't like women taking their jobs

3. They expect women to have children anyway to populate the world

Also at the end of the day - relying on a man to take care of you is a very risky thing. Power corrupts people and makes people abusive. How many women have been abused because they were dependent on a man for a living?

I think that the issues of women's rights in the real sense has to be addressed if people want to see a change. In other words, they should have the right to make their own livelihood so that they can be economically independent, and if the state wants more women to have children they need to be given special rights that men don't have simply because men do not get pregnant and have babies.

And yes, I'm all for allowing women to freeze their eggs, but women also need to come to terms with making choices about their life. If it's very important to have a baby, then it's just more probable that they'll have a successful pregnancy if they do it when nature thinks it's optimal.

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