Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cranberry Oatmeal Bar Cookies

Perhaps because Spain has a lot of local produce, fresh fruit and vegetables are a lot cheaper compared to their dried, frozen or canned cousins. When it comes to dried fruit, there also isn't a great deal of variety available all year round. You mostly see the supermarkets and stores saturated with dried or candied fruit during the months leading up to Christmas and after that they just kind of disappear.

Mercadona, however sell 90g packets of cranberries and so I made a batch of these delicious Cranberry Oatmeal Bars. For the recipe, please go here.

These were very good just as they were, but I'd like to experiment a bit with this recipe some time soon and increase the amount of oatmeal and add some omega-6 rich walnuts so that I can kid myself that the bars are good for my rheumatism.


Lori said...

I always try to throw in something healthy to fool myself. At least they are not loaded with preservatives and corn syrup, etc.

I made something like these before Bliss Bars or something like that. I have to say that I am afraid to make them again as they are just too good. So I am willing to bet yours were equally delicious!

Dorte said...

Looks very nice ... sounds good too with walnuts :)