Monday, October 12, 2009

Sweet Potato & Rucola Salad with Fresh Valencia Orange Juice & Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sweet potatoes are standard fare in Japan and some other parts of the world, but they are really not a favorite in Europe. They are difficult to come by in some countries and are compared with regular potatoes and snubbed at. I've heard people say:

"I prefer potatoes."

But hey, it's not like you're going to marry one of them so you can surely eat one without giving-up the other?

To me, potatoes and sweet potatoes are two different things that can be appreciated in different ways.

I'm quite happy roasting sweet potatoes with their skin on and eating them, but I came-up with this recipe because I thought there had to be other ways of enjoying this nice tuber.

Sweet potatoes are much more nutritious than regular potatoes and loaded with beta carotene and also contain a healthy dose of vitamin C, manganese, copper, dietary fiber, vitamin B6, potassium and iron. You can compare the nutritional value of sweet potatoes with potatoes here.

I used a Valencia orange but it's not really relevant where your oranges come from. Any nice juicy orange will do. The flavors marry very well and you'll notice that each flavor like notes in good music will come alive, enhancing each other to another level of goodness.

Sweet Potato & Rucola Salad with Fresh Valencia Orange Juice & Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Rucola aka Arugula or Rocket

1 Medium Sweet Potato - thinly sliced

Onion (Red Onion if you have any) - sliced thinly

30 g Manchego Cheese (or as much as you wish)

1/2 Valencia Orange

Black Pepper

Coarse Sea Salt

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sunflower Oil

Step 1: Thin the sweet potato very thinly and deep fry it in sunflower oil. Lay them on paper to remove excess oil.

Step 2: Wash the rucola and put them in your salad bowl, tossing in the sweet potato crisps.

Step 3: Toss the salad with salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil and the juice of 1/2 orange.

Step 4: Garnish with shavings of Manchego cheese and thinly sliced onions.

Note: I used white onions but if you have red onions, use these for more color.


taste traveller said...

I love sweet potatoes too but they are hard to find here - I've never met a German who eats them. I found some decent ones in the Asian supermarket, though. There's a lot of good stuff in those markets :-)

Palidor said...

What a tasty salad! It's so colorful too. I don't like potatoes much, but I love sweet potatoes. One of my favorite ways is to slice the potato thin, drizzle with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and then roast at 425F until they are soft and sweet.

Anncoo said...

Recently, there are lots of Japanese sweet potatoes in the market and they also made into potato cake.
I must try this recipe...sounds good :D

♥peachkins♥ said...

hahaha.. I'd love to marry a sweet potato...

I love even just steamed sweet potato with butter..

Trish said...

We are having a yam - not sweet potato - soup for supper tonight. I'll share the recipe soon. But yes, sweet potatoes are a mainstay in my part of the world...often baked with butter and maple syrup for a side dish. them...a much softer texture and they love being roasted. In fact....I used them in a roasted dish I served last weekend.... This looks good as a salad and it is quite similar to the hot roasted root salad I am talking about. Very good and love the orange juice...good combos there !

Elra said...

Manchego and arugula sounds divine!

Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

Hubs has been told to eat less potatoes and more sweet potatoes, so we are always on the lookout for interesting ways to use them.

Anonymous said...

What a PRETTY Salad MS ! I believe always that sweet potatoes are a really healthy option and don't actually think regular potatoes even qualify to be in the same category. I feed my baby pureed sweet potato and she LOVES it... Thank you for this salad... I love how the Sweet potato is fried into chips...and the use of Valencia orange juice is just down right outstanding. Beautiful alround !

pigpigscorner said...

yea, I think potatoes and sweet potatoes are 2 different things too! They taste so different! Lovely flavours!

Lori said...

I love sweet potatoes and can not imagine not liking them. This salad looks very nice and refreshing.

Homer said...

That looks very good

Jamie said...

Gorgeous salad! I love sweet potatoes but we just cannot get the orange ones in France and how I miss them! I love the orange dressing!

jgy said...

I was just given a big bag of "satsu-maimo" sweet potatoes, and my daughter and I have made sweet potato french fries almost every night this week! I thank you for this innovative recipe, may try it tonight with "mikan" but here may not be able to find sunflower oil:)
Happy cooking adventures.
best wishes from south of Japan

Taste of Beirut said...

This salad is definitely on my list! I love sweet potatoes and what a great idea to incorporate valencia oranges! Thanks!